Mission Statement

The mission of the NCSU cluster in Quantitative and Computational Developmental Biology is to address fundamental questions in animal and plant development through interdisciplinary collaborations between biologists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers and other researchers. The cluster also facilitates training in quantitative and computational approaches to cellular and developmental biology research, and promotes awareness of the cutting edge science and scientists in this emerging field.

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Recent Publications

Orozco-Navarrete, B, Song, J, Casañal, A, Sozzani, R, Flors, V, Sánchez-Sevilla, JF, Trinkl, J, Hoffmann, T, Merchante, C, Schwab, W et al. (2021). Down-regulation of Fra a 1.02 in strawberry fruits causes transcriptomic and metabolic changes compatible with an altered defense response. Hortic Res 8, 58. PubMed PMID:33750764.

Sen, D, Drobna, Z, Keung, AJ (2021). Evaluation of UBE3A antibodies in mice and human cerebral organoids. Sci Rep 11, 6323. PubMed PMID:33737669.

Buckner, E, Tong, H, Ottley, C, Williams, C (2021). High-throughput image segmentation and machine learning approaches in the plant sciences across multiple scales. Emerg Top Life Sci , . PubMed PMID:33660762.

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